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SpaceVenture: The New Game From the Creators of Space Quest

The phenomenon that is Kickstarter has been a lot of things to a lot of people. For some gamers it has been a chance to provide funding for new indie projects that wouldn’t seemingly exist otherwise, and for others it has been a chance for them to reconnect with their past. With quite a few new games coming from veteran developers born out of crowd sourcing, this has, if nothing else, laid bare an insatiable appetite for the games of yesteryear.

Amongst the many early titles vying for crowd funding in 2012 came a new game from the creators of the Sierra classic, Space Quest. Simply called SpaceVenture, the game is very much a spiritual successor to the classic adventures of Roger Wilco, but this time with players in control of an intergalactic plumber of sorts, Ace Hardway, instead of a janitor.

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IGN UK Podcast #245: It’s All in The Wrist

Hello chums! It's Friday, it's autumn, it's been a busy week, so what better way to cope with everything that's going on by listening to us lot desperately try to wrap our heads round it all.

Yes, Alex, Krupa, Luke and Chris return once more to cover this week's biggest news, from the PS4 passing a milestone in our green and pleasant land, all the way to the Arkham Knight release date being somewhat later than originally planned. We've diversified this week into covering niche interests, which is why we're also chatting about Apple's little event and this small indie game called Destiny. Come and be educated!

All of this is, as usual, topped off with a bumper load of your excellent feedback. So sit back, kick up your heels, and prepare for the most intense aurgasm (it's a mix of aural and orgasm) of your life. Or something. Enjoy!

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Certain Club Nintendo Members to Receive Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo Codes

UPDATE: Nintendo of Europe has announced via Twitter that European Club Nintendo Members who meet the specifications will also qualify for 3DS demo codes.

Nintendo announced during their Treehouse Livestream today that certain Club Nintendo Platinum Members will be receiving codes for the Super Smash Bros. 3DS demo.

Those who are selected to receive codes will access them through email starting now and continuing throughout the day. Four codes will be in each email, and the demo will allow players to access five characters including Pikachu, Mario, Link, Villager, and Mega Man. Nintendo encourages Club Nintendo members to share these extra codes with their friends.

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Rayquaza Confirmed for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza is in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, joining Groudon and Kyogre.

Announced today, Nintendo and The Pokemon Co. also teased that Rayquaza is "somehow related to the mystery of Mega Evolution." The transforming feature, first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, continues to play a major role in the 3DS remakes. Earlier this week, Mega Evolutions for Gallade, Sharpedo, and Camerupt were unveiled.

But that's not all. Nintendo also revealed that a special demo version of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is on the way. Not many details are known at this time, but the demo will contain gameplay not in the full version. There will be a Mega-Evolved Pokemon in the demo as well as reward items that can then be transferred to the full game too.

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