The Many Deaths of Batman’s Parents

With the Gotham premiere last night, Batman fans watched once again as Thomas and Martha Wayne got gunned down in a back alleyway.

This new death scene for Batman's parents struck a chord with Vulture, which created the video mash-up below showing the numerous ways they've been shot since Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman. It's also rather striking how similar the scene plays out, whether it's the video game Batman: Arkham Origins or a blockbuster film like Batman Begins.

As for Gotham, IGN thought the new FOX series got off to a good start with the premiere episode, which focuses on Detective Jim Gordon in the aftermath of the Wayne killings. For more on the new comic book TV series, be sure to check out IGN's guide to Gotham.

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Premium Mega Man Figures Coming in 2015

Capcom’s Mega Man will be getting two limited figures from high-end collectible maker First 4 Figures.

First 4 Figures revealed two versions of a 15” polystone classic Running Mega Man figure in a sprinting pose on a conveyor belt from Metal Man’s stage in Mega Man 2.

An exclusive version also features LED lighting on his helmet, Mega Buster arm, feet and base. Even the conveyer belt spark flashes intermittently.

The standard version of the figure is limited to 1000 units worldwide and will cost $200. The exclusive version is even more limited at just 425 units worldwide and will cost $230. Both figures are hand-numbered and come with authenticity cards that allow buyers to purchase the same number of upcoming figures in the Mega Man series.

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What’s Next for DC’s Injustice Prequel Comic?

Injustice: Gods Among Us remains one of the most popular titles in DC's lineup of digital-first comics. Writer Tom Taylor just wrapped up the second act of his epic prequel saga with the release of Injustice: Year Two - Chapter 24 this week. The series delivered an epic finish, as Superman joined forces with the Sinestro Corps to battle a the combined might of the Green Lanterns and Batman's resistance fighters. The resulting battle left many combatants dead and the world of Injustice irrevocably changed.

DC Prepares for Year Three of its Injustice Prequel Comic

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Outland Is Coming to PC This Month

Housemarque has announced that Outland is coming to PC players via Steam on September 29.

It will cost $10 USD / €10 / £7.

The PC version will reportedly feature improvements, such as campaign co-op and a revamped checkpoint system. According to Housemarque, this re-release has been "crafted to be appreciated by a completely new audience."

Outland is an action-platformer in which gamers can manipulate special forms of "energy alignments," allowing their characters to become stronger with a certain energy while at the same time becoming weaker against the opposite form of energy. Boss battles are complemented by two online-centric cooperative modes -- story co-op and challenge co-op -- as well as a single-player arcade mode for speed-running and high score-chasing.

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