• Gracepoint: "Episode Eight" Review

    Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow below.

    Warning No. 2: Full ignorance of some show called Broadchurch follows below.

    If you’re feeling lingering feelings of anger or even rage after the latest episode of the Gracepoint saga then we really can’t blame you. Between Tom’s disappearance and recovery, Paul’s singing and Carver’s collapse right as he and Ellie were about to catch hooded creepy guy in the cabin, there were several small annoyances that collectively steamrolled an otherwise excellent episode.

    Ever since it was revealed that Carver has a bum heart, we knew that a collapse while in the field was inevitable. He’s fallen on the docks, in his hotel room and even at a wake; so we’ve known the decision to keep him active and in the field was a bad one. Why Ellie and Carver would ever head out to that cabin without a couple of other cops is just another bad decision, one that is more indicative of the show’s need to draw out the story than of what’s plausible in real life. Fine, we’ll play. But only because I suspect that Vince was the hooded figure in the cabin, and Susan is about the lead the police to him.

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Image Splatoon_1-720x405.jpg

Splatoon’s Story Features Awesomely Eccentric Characters

The single-player portion of Nintendo's adorable action title Splatoon has been shrouded in relative secrecy but now, thanks to a new Twitter account, it looks like it'll be full of characters as delightfully quirky as the rest of the game.

Siliconera reveals a number of the figures we're set to encounter when the game launches sometime next year. The first of which is a mysterious squid guide, set to help you out in Hero Mode. He's apparently one of the few individuals aware of what the dastardly Octopus Corps is up to, as the rest of the tentacled populus are peaceful, unassuming creatures. Also revealed is a mysterious weapon, available in Hero Mode.

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Image 5jpg-bc1c3f_compact.jpg

Telltale’s Game of Thrones Puts Hardcore Fans First

Speak to Telltale about Game of Thrones, and everything inevitably comes back to a feeling of simultaneous excitement and paranoia: The fans have to be happy.

Early in development, before Telltale arrived at the “oil-painting brought to life” aesthetic, its Game of Thrones series looked similar to The Walking Dead, with its thick black lines and vibrant colors. “Oil painting just has this wonderful depth to it that matches the art of a Game of Thrones story,” Director of Design Ryan Kauffman told IGN. “Bloody. Epic. Dark. Gross. All that good stuff.”

In experimenting with different art styles, the goal was to meet the quality of The Walking Dead, to “be equally rich, dark, and complex” with the visuals, without necessarily mimicking its look. That colorful Walking Dead Style, Kauffman said, “is obviously where we started from, because the studio is familiar with it. But we pretty quickly said ‘this isn’t appropriate. It doesn’t quite convey the feeling of the HBO show.’ And that’s what we wanted to put first.”

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Image alienscreen4-720x405.jpg

Alien: Isolation is the Bravest Game of 2014

There’s a moment in Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi classic Alien where Ellen Ripley screams out “you BITCH!” before slamming her flamethrower down onto a computer monitor in frustration. It’s the first ‘bitch’ she utters in the Alien series, although certainly not the most iconic; that award goes to the ultra slick, James Cameron-penned line from 1986’s much more bombastic Aliens.

It does, however, encapsulate the sort of explosive fear and exasperation both Ripley and the audience are feeling after 90 odd minutes of a brutal game of cat and mouse. It is a predictable response from Ripley considering her circumstances. It is also a predictable response to have while playing Alien: Isolation, the Creative Assembly-created horror game that serves as a bridge between the two films, but is firmly set in Scott’s world; the tense, taut and extremely unforgiving one.

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What Do Hearthstone Pros Think of Goblins vs Gnomes?

At this year’s Blizzcon, Blizzard announced a new 120+ card expansion for Hearthstone – Goblins vs Gnomes. We’ve already seen a heap of the new cards, and they’re certainly going to shake the wider game up, with a focus on crazy inventions and random elements - exactly what you’d expect from goblins and gnomes, really - not to mention a new minion type – the mech.

I couldn’t be more excited to start playing around with the new cards and see how they affect the game, but what about the people who understand Hearthstone on the deepest level? What – in other words – do the pros think?

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